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In addition to the compilation album that US is gathering, we will have albums (available via the Zune Pass) that we will be sending/recommending to "attendees" of Zunestock.  Think of these albums as "virtual performances on the main stage".  For each recommended album we'll have a discussion thread.  The first post will have a brief description of the album, why it was chosen (and by who), and what the audience should be looking for.

We need approx. 48 hours worth of albums to choose.  The music should be varied.  So make your recommendations, and add a brief description, running time, and noteworthiness.  As we post recommendations, I'll update this post with those that we agree should be added.  (maybe we can each pick 3-4 favorite albums that will automatically be included and then arrive at a consensus for the rest.

If you want to recommend an "act", please follow the format that I've used with the first 2 entries in this thread.  Thanks!

Please no discussions in this thread... just recommendations.  Use the discussion thread to talk about the "acts".

If you don't have the Zune Pass and haven't used your 14-day free trial, NOW would be a great time to start it.

Artist: Malo
Album: Malo: Celebracion the Warner Bros. Recordings
(first 6 tracks)
Description: Malo is headed up by Carlos Santana's brother Jorge and features a rich fusion of latin and rock.  Whereas Santana leaned more toward the rock end of things, Malo had a greater emphasis on the latin.  Their self-titled album captures the essence of their sound but unfortunately isn't available on the Zune Pass.  Celebracion contains all of the tracks and only the first 6 on this album are the focus.
Highlight: "Cafe" goes all out with percussions that are just over the top with the timbales really standing out.
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Artist: Ofra Haza
Album: Kirya
Description: Ofra Haza was an Israeli singer who became quite popular in the Middle East region.  The combination of exotic Middle Eastern arrangements and Haza's vocals form beautifully haunting compositions that won't soon be forgotten.
Highlight: If you are only going to listen to at most one song from this album it must be track #4, "Trains of no Return".
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